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CDC's Properties - Downtown Lakeland - City Tour

Welcome to our photo tour of the beautiful downtown and city of Lakeland, Florida.
Your first visit? 
Then…tag along and stay close, so you’re not left behind!

Squawk!!  Hi there, my name’s Swannee and i’ll be your Lakeland tour guide today…
We will start your tour on the banks of “my home”, beautiful downtown Lake Morton.
This “magical” lake is home to hundreds of my feathers friends who live in our very own protected bird sanctuary.  Better known as  Lake Morton in “people” language.
Squawk!  Step lively now, and follow me…. 

Let’s cruise on over to the south shore and see some of my friends who are visiting a picnic in progress by some of the locals….btw – did you notice that the City has used “MY” likeness as part of their city logo?

Hi Guys!
Pretty cool huh! But then i’m a pretty good looking swan …don’t you think?

“Quack, Quack, Quack! “
What’s that? No handouts? Well, I’d rather waddle over to the Mr. Fish takeout on the east shore anyway and grab a “fresh fish” sandwich… then squat on a people bench and enjoy the peaceful serene view or read  a book from the public library on the east shore… 

OK, time to move along now…
That’s “downtown” Lakeland over there on far shore.

Lets take a walk and i’ll give you my famous  grand tour of the City proper, Munn Park, Lake Mirror, Hollis Gardens and if you tag along, maybe even the Antique district.

Wonder where that city trolly is at?

Whoa… Wait for us!

The “downtown trolley” runs continuously downtown on weekdays.  And since you can’t fly, it’ll give us a better opportunity to tour the downtown area…

Let’s hop aboard shall we?  “Last Call!! All aboard,  who’s going aboard!”

Quick! Take a seat now… we’re moving! As we depart my “magical” Lake Morton…

One gets a full view of Lakeland’s Chamber of Commerce Building on the north shore.   A historic and beautifully restored building.

Nice people, helpful & friendly, full of local information about the Lakeland area, plus a great website and free relo packages!

Squawk!  Downtown, Munn Park, the Historic District, Hollis Park on Lake Mirror, the Promanade and other noteworthy sites are…

Coming up next!
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